At Woodhall Dental Practice, we deliver aesthetic, cosmetic & comprehensive dentistry. A list of some of the treatments we offer can be seen below. Click the treatment name for further information. Please call us on: (01707) 37 5000 for more information.
In our effort to provide premium care and eliminate dental concerns for our patients throughout their life, we have made sure that we can accommodate all their needs – long-term health, beauty and smooth functionality – with the best in equipment, technology and advanced training.
Crowns Bridges Dentures
Gold Inlay Extractions Dental Decay
Tooth Whitening White Fillings Fillings
Porcelain Veneers Root Canal Therapy Hygienist
Bad Breath Gum Disease Mouth Cancer
Oral Surgery Cracked Teeth Fissure Sealants
Anti-Snoring Appliance Removable Appliance Smoking & Oral Health
Veneers Application of Fluoride Flossing
Manual Brushing Power Brushing Interdental Brushing
Tongue Cleaning Six Months Smile